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Trump Changes The Definition Of “Protest” After Pence’s Actions Create Backlash

After backlash from the public caused by Vice President Mike Pence’s actions at a Colt’s game this past Sunday, our president has declared a change to the definition of the word “protest.” The word was originally defined as a statement or action expressing disapproval of something, and has now been altered to include “unless it is deemed disrespectful to our country or it’s leaders.”

The decision was made in light of Pence’s decision to walk out of Sunday’s Colts vs. 49ers game after several of the players chose to kneel in protest during the National Anthem. He took to Twitter to explain his decision to walk out:

Screenshot 2017-10-10 at 2

The president backed up Pence’s decision to leave, tweeting that he asked him to walk out of the game if any of the players chose to kneel in protest. When the public called them out, stating that Pence’s actions were also an act of protest and that they were being hypocritical, Trump swiftly took action. He announced on his twitter page early this morning that the new addition to the definition of the word should be considered finalized immediately. This new definition could mean Trump is taking the steps toward making the actions of NFL players in these recent months illegal.

UPDATE: A Merriam-Webster representative has since released a statement stating that the definition of the word “protest” will remain as is, and that the president has no authority over any of the words in our dictionaries or their meanings. 

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